CONTENTS — volume 9, no 2, 1983

Published: Apr 1983

Proceedings of the Second US-Finnish Joint Symposium on Occupational Safety and Health; Helsinki, 24-26 May 1982

Original article

Reproductive hazards in the workplace. Development of epidemiologic research.
Screening for occupational exposures and congenital malformations.
Reproductive-toxicologic assessment of the epoxides ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, butylene oxide, and styrene oxide.
Genotoxic hazards in the rubber industry.
Genetic toxicity of styrene and some of its derivatives.
Toxicity of rubber chemicals towards three-day chicken embryos.
Absence of embryotoxic effects from low-level (nonthermal) exposure of rats to 100 MHz radiofrequency radiation.
Injury surveillance. A review of data sources used by the Division of Safety Research.
Methods of hazard analysis applied in the light metal industry.
Occupational health and safety in Finland.
Uses of computer-generated maps in occupational hazard and mortality surveillance.
Health selection among metal workers.
Pathology standards for asbestosis.
Preliminary results from a cohort of workers exposed to wollastonite in a Finish limestone quarry.
Comparison of the behavior of stainless and mild steel manual metal arc welding fumes in rat lung.
Inhalation studies of diesel exhaust and coal dust in rats.
Some aspects of strategies and solutions in accident prevention.
Investigation of the after-reach hazard in two-hand controlled power press operations.
The protective influence of logger's safety equipment.
Protection of the head and eyes in forestry work.
Nasal cancer and occupational exposures. Preliminary report of a joint Nordic case-referent study.
Trends and prospects in experimental neurotoxicology.
Lungco measurement of particles retained in the lungs.
Monitoring methodology for gaseous hazards. Passive monitors and portable instruments.