CONTENTS — volume 7, no 2, 1981

Published: Jun 1981


Hazards of heat exposure. A review.

Original article

Exposure to acetone. Uptake and elimination in man.
Formaldehyde exposure in work and the general environment. Occurrence and possibilities for prevention.
Analysis of inorganic fiber concentrations in biological samples by scanning electron microscopy.
Inorganic fibers in lung tissue from patients with pleural plaques or malignant mesothelioma.
Delivery outcome for women working in the pulp and paper industry.
Relation of soft-tissue sarcoma, malignant lymphoma and colon cancer to phenoxy acids, chlorophenols and other agents.
Temporal patterns in psychophysiological activation in rotating shift workers--A follow-up field study one year after an increase in nighttime work.
Long-term adjustment of circadian rhythms to a rotating shiftwork schedule.

Book review

Developments in Occupational Medicine
Härkönen H, reviewer
Metals in the Environment
Tola S, reviewer
Biological Monitoring Methods for Industrial Chemicals
Tola S, reviewer