CONTENTS — volume 6, no 3, 1980

Published: Sep 1980


Evaluation of epidemiologic studies in assessing the long-term effects of occupational noxious agents.

Original article

Physical fitness and risk of myocardial infarction in Copenhagen males aged 40-59: a five- and seven-year follow-up study.
Psychological and biochemical strain in firemen`s work.
Circadian rhythmicity of the urinary excretion of mercury, potassium and catecholamines in unconventional shift-work systems.
A retrospective cohort study of mortality among stainless steel welders.
A pilot study on respiratory and digestive tract cancer among woodworkers.
Study of some hepatic effects (induction and toxicity) caused by occupational exposure to styrene in the polyester industry.
Mutagenicity studies with urine concentrates from coke plant workers.
Mutagenic action of isocyanates used in the production of polyurethanes.

Letter to the editor

Mining, lung cancer and smoking.
Sawmill work and extrinsic allergic alveolitis.

Book review

Handbook of Organic Industrial Solvents, fifth edition
Antti-Poika M, reviewer