CONTENTS — volume 41, no 3, 2015

Published: 01 May 2015


Work modification as a treatment for low-back pain

Original article

Results of a feasibility study: barriers and facilitators in implementing the Sherbrooke model in France
Patterns of biomechanical demands are associated with musculoskeletal pain in the beginning of professional life: a population-based study
Relationships of neurosensory disorders and reduced work ability to alternative frequency weightings of hand-transmitted vibration
Primary selection into shift work and change of cardiovascular risk profile
Developing register-based measures for assessment of working time patterns for epidemiologic studies
Psychosocial work environment and risk of ischemic stroke and coronary heart disease: a prospective longitudinal study of 75 236 construction workers
Enhanced preference for high-fat foods following a simulated night shift

Short communication

The international contribution to occupational health research


Recommendations for individual participant data meta-analyses on work stressors and health outcomes: comments on IPD-Work Consortium papers

Letter to the Editor

IPD-Work consortium: pre-defined meta-analyses of individual-participant data strengthen evidence base for a link between psychosocial factors and health
Approaches for predicting long-term sickness absence. Re: Schouten et al. “Screening manual and office workers for risk of long-term sickness absence: cut-off points for the Work Ability Index”
Re: Amelsvoort et al. “Approaches for predicting long-term sickness absence”