CONTENTS — volume 44, no 3, 2018

Published: 01 May 2018


Shift work and cardiovascular disease – do the new studies add to our knowledge?


Shift work and the risk of cardiovascular disease. A systematic review and meta-analysis including dose–response relationship

Original article

Shift work schedule and night work load: Effects on body mass index – a four-year longitudinal study
Night-shift work and hematological cancers: a population based case–control study in three Nordic countries
Objectively measured physical activity of hospital shift workers
Prediction of long-term absence due to sickness in employees: development and validation of a multifactorial risk score in two cohort studies
Negative social acts and pain: evidence of a workplace bullying and 5-HTT genotype interaction
Comprehensive profiles of psychological and social work factors as predictors of site-specific and multi-site pain
Relationship between parents’ occupational characteristics and untreated dental caries in offspring: A population-based study of data from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2008–2015
Occupational exposure to organic solvents and risk of male breast cancer: a European multicenter case-control study

Discussion paper

Scientific basis of ISO standards on biomechanical risk factors

Short communication

The relationship between office type and job satisfaction: Testing a multiple mediation model through ease of interaction and well-being