CONTENTS — volume 44, no 5, 2018

Published: 01 Sep 2018


Could we have better occupational health guidelines, please?


Content and quality of workplace guidelines developed to prevent mental health problems: results from a systematic review
Productivity estimation in economic evaluations of occupational health and safety interventions: a systematic review

Original article

Time takes us all? A two-wave observational study of age and time effects on sustainable employability
Clustering of job strain, effort−reward imbalance, and organizational injustice and the risk of work disability: a cohort study
Sickness absence in a re-employment program as a predictor of labor market attachment among long-term unemployed individuals: A 6-year cohort study in Finland
Economic evaluation of a randomized controlled trial of an intervention to reduce office workers’ sitting time: the "Stand Up Victoria" trial
Night work and risk of common mental disorders: analyzing observational data as a non-randomized pseudo trial
The association of adolescent spinal-pain-related absenteeism with early adulthood work absenteeism: A six-year follow-up data from a population-based cohort
Prolonged sitting at work is associated with a favorable time course of low-back pain among blue-collar workers: a prospective study in the DPhacto cohort
Exposure to traffic noise and air pollution and risk for febrile seizure: a cohort study
Respirator use and its impact on particulate matter exposure in aluminum manufacturing facilities