CONTENTS — volume 44, no 6, 2018

Published: 01 Nov 2018


Why do we know so little about return to work after carpal tunnel release?


Sickness absence after carpal tunnel release: a systematic review of the literature
Group-based healthy lifestyle workplace interventions for shift workers: a systematic review
Otoacoustic emissions versus audiometry in monitoring hearing loss after long-term noise exposure – a systematic review

Original article

Association between demand–control model components and blood pressure in the ELSA-Brasil study: exploring heterogeneity using quantile regression analyses
Effectiveness of a digital platform-based implementation strategy to prevent work stress in a healthcare organization: a 12-month follow-up controlled trial
Comparison of hemodynamic responses between normotensive and untreated hypertensive men under simulated long working hours
Self-reported or register-based? A comparison of sickness absence data among 8110 public and private employees in Denmark
Labor market and health trajectories during periods of economic recession and expansion in the United States, 1988‒2011
Indoor, outdoor, and night work and blood concentrations of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone
Parental occupational exposure to solvents and heavy metals and risk of developing testicular germ cell tumors in sons (NORD-TEST Denmark)
Trends and topics in occupational diseases over the last 60 years from PubMed