CONTENTS — volume 46, no 4, 2020

Published: 01 Jul 2020


On endocrine disruption at the workplace – how to get from suggestive to conclusive evidence?


Work-related exposure to violence or threats and risk of mental disorders and symptoms: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Original article

Shift work and use of psychotropic medicine: a follow-up study with register linkage
Effectiveness of adding a workplace intervention to an inpatient multimodal occupational rehabilitation program: A randomized clinical trial
Inpatient multimodal occupational rehabilitation reduces sickness absence among individuals with musculoskeletal and common mental health disorders: a randomized clinical trial
Physical workload, long-term sickness absence, and the role of social capital. Multi-level analysis of a large occupation cohort
Risk of being granted disability pension among incident cancer patients before and after a structural pension reform: A Danish population-based, matched cohort study
How leadership behaviors influence the effects of job predictability and perceived employability on employee mental health – a multilevel, prospective study
Metabolic syndrome – a risk factor for all-cause disability pension: a prospective study based on the Swedish WOLF cohort
Neurodevelopmental disorders among young adults and the risk of sickness absence and disability pension: a nationwide register linkage study
Occupational chemical exposures in pregnancy and fetal growth: evidence from the Born in Bradford Study
The effect of training for a participatory ergonomic intervention on physical exertion and musculoskeletal pain among childcare workers (the TOY project) – a wait-list cluster-randomized controlled trial
Risk of work-related hand eczema in relation to wet work exposure
The effects of the number of consecutive night shifts on sleep duration and quality