CONTENTS — volume 46, no 6, 2020

Published: 01 Nov 2020


Causal inference and evidence-based recommendations in occupational health and safety research

Discussion paper

How to schedule night shift work in order to reduce health and safety risks

Original article

Characteristics of working hours and the risk of occupational injuries among hospital employees: a case-crossover study
Shift work relationships with same- and subsequent-day empty calorie food and beverage consumption
Psychosocial job strain and polypharmacy: a national cohort study
Maternal occupational exposure and congenital heart defects in offspring
Association between asbestos exposure and pericardial and tunica vaginalis testis malignant mesothelioma: a case–control study and epidemiological remarks
Upper-extremity musculoskeletal disorders: how many cases can be prevented? Estimates from the COSALI cohort
Quality improvement activity in occupational healthcare associated with reduced need for disability retirement: A Bayesian mixed effects modelling study in Finland

Short communication

The deterioration of mental health among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak: A population-based cohort study of workers in Japan
A longitudinal study on the association between quick returns and occupational accidents