CONTENTS — volume 48, no 2, 2022

Published: 01 Mar 2022


Estimating population burdens of occupational disease


Physical activity at work may not be health enhancing. A systematic review with meta-analysis on the association between occupational physical activity and cardiovascular disease mortality covering 23 studies with 655 892 participants

Original article

Working at home and expectations of being available: effects on perceived work environment, turnover intentions, and health
Differential impact of working hours on unmet medical needs by income level: a longitudinal study of Korean workers
Trajectories of disability throughout early life and labor force status as a young adult: Results from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
Professional cleaning and risk of asthma – a Danish nationwide register-based study
How does accelerometry-measured arm elevation at work influence prospective risk of long-term sickness absence?
Associations of employment sector and occupational exposures with full and part-time sickness absence: random and fixed effects analyses on panel data

Discussion paper

Global, regional and national burden of disease attributable to 19 selected occupational risk factors for 183 countries, 2000–2016: A systematic analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury