CONTENTS — volume 25, no 2, 1999

Published: Apr 1999


In musculoskeletal epidemiology are we asking the unanswerable in questionnaires on physical load?


Shift work, risk factors and cardiovascular disease

Original article

Relationship between shift work and onset of hypertension in a cohort of manual workers
Validation of a questionnaire for assessing physical work load
Agreement between symptom surveys, physical examination procedures and electrodiagnostic findings for the carpal tunnel syndrome
Etiologic clues to lip cancer from epidemiologic studies on farmers
Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and genotoxic effects on nonsmoking Swedish road pavement workers
Nasal patency and lavage biomarkers in relation to settled dust and cleaning routines in schools
Work stress and menstrual patterns among American and Italian nurses

Case report

Repeated hand urticaria due to contact with fishfood


Total quality strategy in the formative process of the occupational physician

Meeting report

International workshop on biomarkers for isocyanates
Which way epidemiology