CONTENTS — volume 21, no 4, 1995

Published: Aug 1995


Ethics in research


Ethical aspects of prevention

Original article

Occupational and environmental mesotheliomas due to crocidolite mining activities in Wittenoom, Western Australia
Performance of odds ratios obtained with a job-exposure matrix and individual exposure assessment with special reference to misclassification errors
Male-mediated risk of spontaneous abortion with reference to stainless steel welding
Perinatal outcome among the offspring of employees and people living around a Swedish smelter
Frequency of sister chromatid exchange and hematological effects in pesticide-exposed greenhouse sprayers

Short communication

Scleroderma and occupational exposure
Primary liver cancer and renal cell carcinoma in laundry and dry-cleaning workers in Denmark

Case report

Lead intoxication caused by skeletal disease

Letter to the Editor

Pleural mesothelioma in oil refinery workers.

Meeting report

Dry cleaning, some solvents used in dry cleaning and other industrial chemicals
McGregor DB, reporter, Heseltine E, reporter, Møller H, reporter
First Nordic workshop on quality assurance in occupational hygiene, 25–26 August 1994
Levin JO, reporter

Book review

Hard Facts about Soft Machines: the Ergonomics of Seating
Takala E-P, reviewer
Stress Monitoring in the Workplace
Seppälä P, reviewer
Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy: Decision Making in Free Societies
Edling C, reviewer