CONTENTS — volume 25, no 6, 1999

Published: Dec 1999


Towards a new millennium

Invited article

Research challenges arising from changes in worklife
Etiologic research: needed revisions of concepts and principles
Occupational cancer epidemiology in the coming decades
Promise of molecular epidemiology - epidemiologic reasoning, biological rationale and risk assessment
Challenges to retrospective exposure assessment
The dermal route in systemic exposure
Biomarkers and their use in occupational medicine
Environmental fertility research at the turn of the century
Progress and potential of genetic susceptibility to environmental toxicants
Parental exposure, adverse pregnancy and offspring effects - perspectives in developmental epidemiolgy
Challenges for research and prevention in relation to work and cardiovascular diseases
Challenges for the new century in the epidemiology of adult asthma
New avenues in research on musculoskeletal disorders
Model development and research vision for the future of multiple chemical sensitivity
Challenges for indoor environment research in the new office
Future prevention and handling of environmental accidents
Organizational interventions: facing the limits of the natural science paradigm
Influence of worklife on public health
Knowledge jobs - how to manage without burnout?
Towards the 24-hour society - new approaches for aging shift workers?
How to deal with stress in organizations? - a health perspective on theory and practice.
Challenges facing occupational health services in the 21st century


Call for an international ban on asbestos