CONTENTS — volume 28, no 1, 2002

Published: Feb 2002


The psychosocial work environment and health - what do we know and where should we go?

Original article

Adverse reproduction outcomes among employees working in biomedical research laboratories
Risk factors for cardiovascular malformation - a study based on prospectively collected data
Effects of ergonomic intervention in work with video display units
Physical workload and the risk of severe knee osteoarthritis
Prevalence of self-reported hypersensitivity to electric or magnetic fields in a population-based questionnaire survey
Occupational exposure to magnetic fields in case-referent studies of neurodegenerative diseases
Exploration of asthma risk by occupation - extended analysis of an incidence study of the Finnish population
Alternative for estimating the burden of lung cancer from occupational exposures - some calculations based on data from Swedish men
Shift work and age as interactive predictors of body mass index among offshore workers