CONTENTS — volume 28, no 5, 2002

Published: Oct 2002


Are pushing and pulling strong risk factors for occupational shoulder disorders?

Original article

Low-back and shoulder complaints among workers with pushing and pulling tasks
Inpatient hospital care for back disorders in relation to industry and occupation in Finland
Impact of repetitive manual materials handling and psychosocial work factors on the future prevalence of chronic low-back pain among construction workers
Frequency dependence of hand-arm vibration on palmar sweating response
Healthy worker effect in cohort studies on chronic bronchitis
Gliomas among men employed in the Swedish pulp and paper industry
Cancer incidence of dry cleaning, laundry and ironing workers in Sweden
Medical and social prognosis for patients with perceived hypersensitivity to electricity and skin symptoms related to the use of visual display terminals

Letters to the editor

Evidence in occupational medicine

Book review

Health and Safety in Small Enterprises: European Strategies for Managing Improvement
Huuskonen M, reviewer
Environmental and Chemical Toxins and Psychiatric Illness
Honkonen T, reviewer