CONTENTS — volume 30, no 6, 2004

Published: Dec 2004


Occupational exposure to air pollutants, inflammation and ischemic heart disease


Cancer among meat industry workers

Original article

Chronic inflammation induced by organic dust and related metabolic cardiovascular disease risk factors
Exposure to ozone gases in pulp mills and the onset of rhinitis
Development and evaluation of parental occupational exposure questionnaires for a childhood leukemia study
Prognostic factors related to recurrent low-back pain and sickness absence
Sickness absence and the organization of nursing care among hospital nurses
Job strain in relation to ambulatory blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate variability among female nurses
Annoyance and performance of three environmentally intolerant groups during experimental challenge with chemical odors

Book review

Research methods in occupational epidemiology
Albin M, reviewer
Practical ethics in occupational health
Antti-Poika M, reviewer