CONTENTS — volume 31, no 3, 2005

Published: Jun 2005


Corporate interests as an obstacle to the primary prevention of cancer
Hagmar L, editor


Multistate worklife expectancies

Original article

Shift work and the risk of diabetes mellitus among Japanese male factory workers
Model specification and unmeasured confounders in partially ecologic analyses based on group proportions of exposed
Implementation of participatory ergonomics intervention in construction companies
Registry-based case–control studies of liver cancer and cancers of the biliary tract nested in a cohort of autoworkers exposed to metalworking fluids
Reproductive outcomes among hairdressers
Psychosocial factors at work and myocardial infarction among men in Kaunas, Lithuania

Case report

Irritant vocal cord dysfunction at first misdiagnosed as reactive airway dysfunction syndrome

Discussion paper

Primary prevention of cancer in relation to science, sociocultural trends and economic pressures

Letter to the editor

Epidemiologic evidence for the carcinogenicity of vinyl chloride monomer
Response to Swaen & Duijts on the epidemiologic evidence for the carcinogenicity of vinyl chloride monomer

Workshop report

Assessing the work-relatedness of nonspecific low-back pain