CONTENTS — volume 31, suppl 1, 2005

Published: 2005

Sessions on the epidemiology of agricultural exposure and cancer

Summary of sessions on the epidemiology of agricultural exposure and cancer
Cancer among pesticide manufacturers and applicators
Agricultural exposures and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Metabolic susceptibility to agricultural pesticides and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Effects of errors in the measurement of agricultural exposures
Cancer incidence in the Agricultural Health Study
Agricultural pesticides and lymphoproliferative childhood cancer in California
Endocrine-disrupting pesticides and selected hormonally dependent cancers

Sessions on exposure assessment

Summary of exposure assessment
State-of-the-art measurement of agricultural pesticide exposures
Nonagricultural and residential exposures to pesticides
Biological monitoring use in refining the exposure assessment of agricultural operators
Biomonitoring of herbicides in Ontario farm applicators
Biomonitoring for farm families in the Farm Family Exposure Study
Implications for epidemiologic research on variation by pesticide in studies of farmers and their families
Exposure assessment as a component of observational health studies and environmental risk assessment
Integrating exposure measurements into epidemiologic studies in agriculture

Sessions on the toxicology of agricultural exposures and cancer

Summary of sessions on the toxicology of agricultural exposures and cancer
Assessing the potential mutagenicity of pesticides
Historical perspective of the cancer bioassay
Agricultural chemicals and endocrine-mediated chronic toxicity or carcinogenicity
Toxicity of agrochemical formulations
Statistical inferences about the mechanism of action in carcinogenicity studies
Pesticide metabolism in humans, including polymorphisms