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Research Professor: Three positions available

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is looking for THREE RESEARCH PROFESSORS. The contracts are fixed term for a maximum of seven years. The Professors will work in FIOH’s strategic focal point units of Transforming OHS, Digitalization, and SMEs and Growth.

Job descriptions. The area of responsibility of the Transforming OHS unit’s Research Professor is the operations and role of OHS at the interface of today’s changing OHS and work life. The central themes are occupational health cooperation with actors at the workplace, the role of OHS in developing working conditions, supporting work ability, cooperation with other OHS parties (including rehabilitation and social insurance), the digitalization of OHS services, and the quality and impact of OHS. FIOH values research experience in developing OHS, the promotion of the health and work ability of the working-age population, the prevention of disability, and OHS service systems.

The area of responsibility of the Digitalization unit’s Research Professor is the technical transition of work and work life from the perspective of human work. The areas of interest include humans, organizations, networks, competence and learning in the digital era, the interaction between humans and technology, and the changes taking place in services. The central themes are, for example, service, platform and sharing economies; robotization, artificial intelligence and augmented reality at work; the digitalization of complex work life ecosystems; and the technologization of health and social services. We appreciate the use of codesign and cocreation-oriented approaches.

The area of responsibility of the SMEs and Growth unit’s Research Professor is human resources and the significance of their leadership from the perspective of SME operations and their future. These consist of supporting employees’ working careers, from the perspective of both well-being at work and competence development; and the leadership of work and performance, from the perspective of creating a sustainable, regenerative and communal operative culture. We expect the applicant to be familiar with new, innovative methods of operation in work organizations.

The tasks of the Professors will include the planning of research projects, applying for funding, conducting research projects, competence development, and promoting the use of their own research field’s results in work life and in the development of international collaboration. The role of the Professors is research oriented, but service and training activities can be included in their annual work schedule.

Expectations. FIOH requires applicants be a qualified Docent or hold a valid professor status. FIOH also requires high-level scientific proficiency, experience in leading scientific studies, and proof of international collaboration and experience in applying for research funding in your field of research. FIOH values research experience that aims at having an impact, a practical approach to research, and a desire to influence on the societal level. The most important selection criteria are the societal relevance of past research work and scientific proficiency. Please attach a draft of a preliminary research programme for tending to this post. Another requirement for the job is good skills in Finnish or Swedish and English.

What FIOH offers. FIOH offers challenging and diverse tasks, which will enable you to have an impact on Finnish work life, while simultaneously developing your own skills and competence. You will work among a team of expert colleagues. The location of the post is negotiable. The post will begin on 1.10.2017 or as agreed. You will have a fixed-term contract, and your salary will be in accordance with FIOH’s collective agreement. The post has a trial period of four months.

How to apply. Please complete and send in the electronic application form with your CV attached at by 31.7.2017. In addition to your CV, please attach your list of publications and research programme draft. For further information, contact Jorma Mäkitalo, Research and Service Centre Director, Tel. +358 40-5156131,

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is a specialist in well-being at work that carries out research and provides services and training. Together with our clients, we develop good work communities and safe working environments and support employee well-being. Our clients include workplaces, decision-makers, individuals, occupational health service units, and other parties working to improve well-being at work. Our vision is “Well-being through work”: healthy, safe and meaningful work creates well-being. We have offices in Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere, and Turku, and about 500 employees. See our website for further information: On Twitter @FIOH