Amendments and corrections

Scand J Work Environ Health 2001;27(4):295    pdf

Re: Nurminen M, Karjalainen A. Epidemiologic estimate of the proportion of fatalities related to occupational factors in Finland. Scand J Work Environ Health 2001;27(3):161—213.

by Nurminen M, Karjalainen A

During the editing of this manuscript the following mistakes occurred:

Page 172, left-hand column, sentence beginning with “Extensive” in row 17 under the heading Cardiovascular diseases reads: “Extensive evidence is not available showing that . . . .” It should read “Extensive evidence is now available showing that . . . .”

Page 211, Appendix: the “Total” column under “Attributable fraction” has “18.3” listed for “Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases” for the study by Isoaho et al (230). There should be no figure whatsoever given here.

This article refers to the following text of the Journal: 2001;27(3):161-213