CONTENTS — volume 27, no 4, 2001

Published: Aug 2001


Acrylamide in tunnel construction - new (or old) lessons to be learned?

Original article

Health effects of occupational exposure to acrylamide using hemoglobin adducts as biomarkers of internal dose
Exposure to titanium dioxide and risk of lung cancer in a population-based study from Montreal
Occupation and the risk of laryngeal cancer in Turkey
Exposure-response models based on extended follow-up of a cohort mortality study in the automobile industry
Effects of blasting fumes on exposure and short-term lung function changes in tunnel construction workers
Psychosocial work characteristics and psychological strain in relation to low-back pain
Burnout and engagement at work as a function of demands and control
Socioeconomic status, workplace characteristics and plasma fibrinogen level of Japanese male employees

Book review

Systematic Occupational Health and Safety Management—Perspectives on an International Development
Räsänen K, reviewer


Amendments and corrections

Re: Nurminen M, Karjalainen A. Epidemiologic estimate of the proportion of fatalities related to occupational factors in Finland. Scand J Work Environ Health 2001;27(3):161—213.