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SJWEH Supplements 2007;(no 3):68-75    pdf

Impact of time pressure and pauses on physiological responses to standardized computer mouse use—a review of three papers focusing on mechanisms behind computer-related disorders

by Crenshaw AG, Lyskov E, Heiden M, Flodgren G, Hellström F

This paper reviews three computer mouse studies in our laboratory in which our emphasis was on mechanisms behind computer-related disorders. Our approach was sequentially (i) to determine the validity of a laboratory model for computer mouse use (painting rectangles) for studying musculoskeletal disorders, (ii) to use this model to study time pressure and precision demands on position sense and muscular oxygenation, and (iii) to use this model to determine the effect of pauses (active versus passive) on these parameters. Kinematic data for the painting model showed constrained movements of the wrist similar to that of CAD (computer-aided design) work, a support for its validity for a real-life situation. Changes in forearm oxygenation were associated with time pressure and precision demands, a potential for insight into the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms. Increasing trends in oxygenation and blood volume were associated with pauses, especially active pauses, a possible explanation for the alleviating effect of discomfort experienced in real-life situations when a pause is implemented.

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