SJWEH Supplements are open access, (mostly) non-peer-reviewed articles usually published in theme issues or as part of a series of papers from a conference or workshop. Scand J Work Environ Health stopped publishing SJWEH Supplements in 2009.

CONTENTS — SJWEH Supplements 2007; no 3

Published: 31 Dec 2007


From work with display units in 1986 to work with computing systems in 2007
Healthy and efficient work with computers and information and communications technology—are there limits?
Mobile computing system work—where are we going?
Children and gender—differences in exposure and how anthropometric differences can be incorporated into the design of computer input devices
Computer use, neck and upper-extremity symptoms, eyestrain and headache among female and male upper secondary school students
Health hazard of the increased widespread use of new technologies by children and young people in northern Italy
Metabolic syndrome among operators using video display units in call centers
Associations between eyestrain and neck–shoulder symptoms among call-center operators
Accommodation–vergence performance after low levels of oculomotor load
Impact of time pressure and pauses on physiological responses to standardized computer mouse use—a review of three papers focusing on mechanisms behind computer-related disorders
Trapezius muscle tone and viscoelastic properties in sitting and supine positions
Holistic approaches to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among call-center workers