SJWEH Supplements are open access, (mostly) non-peer-reviewed articles usually published in theme issues or as part of a series of papers from a conference or workshop. Scand J Work Environ Health stopped publishing SJWEH Supplements in 2009.


SJWEH Supplements 2007;(no 3):10-16    pdf

Healthy and efficient work with computers and information and communications technology—are there limits?

by Carayon P

The use of computers and information and communications technology (ICT) at work has become so pervasive that it is difficult to imagine a workplace without computers. Even though very few people would be willing to give up their computer, the extensive computerization of work has created both challenges and opportunities for health, well-being, and performance. This paper describes the role and impact of computers in the organization of work, and its consequences in terms of health, well-being, and performance. The impact of computers on the work system and its elements is discussed with particular emphasis on work intensification. The paper discusses the following factors that can affect the impact of computer technology on work intensification: characteristics of the technology, goals of the organization, and an active role on the part of the users.