Key term: performance

Review 2015;41(5):425-440   pdf full text
A systematic review of the sleep, sleepiness, and performance implications of limited wake shift work schedules
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Original article 2011;37(5):418-426   pdf
Weekend sleep intervention for workers with habitually short sleep periods
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Eating and shift work – effects on habits, metabolism and performance
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Methyl chloride and diazepam effects on performance.
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Blue-enriched white light in the workplace improves self-reported alertness, performance and sleep quality
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Original article 2008;34(2):120-132   pdf
Risk factors for generally reduced productivity—a prospective cohort study of young adults with neck or upper-extremity musculoskeletal symptoms
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Article SJWEH Suppl 2007; (3):10-16   pdf
Healthy and efficient work with computers and information and communications technology—are there limits?
Carayon P
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Effect of aging on performance, muscle activation and perceived stress during mentally demanding computer tasks
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Annoyance and performance of three environmentally intolerant groups during experimental challenge with chemical odors
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Annoyance and performance during the experimental chemical challenge of subjects with multiple chemical sensitivity
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