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SJWEH Supplements 2008;(no 4):83-86    pdf

Healthy air, better work—now and forever

by Reijula K

A recent survey revealed that indoor air problems are common. One out of three office workers complained about constant problems with the indoor environment, and one of five reported indoor-air related symptoms. Dry or stuffy air, dust or dirt, draft, and room temperature that was too high or too low were the most common problems. Poor quality of the indoor environment can lead to work-related symptoms and diseases, while high quality improves well-being, work performance, and productivity. New strategies have to be developed for dealing with problems with the indoor environment, and methods should be improved for planning and designing premises. The identification and management of indoor-air problems should be carried out using multiprofessional expertise with goal-oriented and project-based models in which users of the facilities are closely involved. High quality with respect to the indoor environment should be recognized as a production resource that generates added value to the organization.