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CONTENTS — SJWEH Supplements 2008; no 4

Published: 29 Feb 2008

Amendments and corrections

Re: Reijula R, Vainio H, guest editors. International conference on healthy air—better work 2007: selected presentations from the International Conference on Healthy Air—Better Work 2007; 29–31 May 2007; Helsinki, Finland. SJWEH Suppl. 2008;(4):1–86.
Reijula K, guest editor, Vainio H, guest editor


Every workplace deserves a good indoor environment


Identifying and managing indoor-air problems


Dust and fibers as a cause of indoor environment problems


Fungal species in mold-damaged and nondamaged office buildings in southern Finland

Case study

Multifunctional analysis of health problems in office spaces


Resolving indoor-air problems
Multiprofessional teams resolving indoor-air problems—emphasis on the psychosocial perspective
Evaluating the success of damp building remediation
A virtual indoor environment model—a useful tool for design
Impact of management attitudes on perceived thermal comfort
Design of room acoustics for open offices
Examining building-related symptoms in clinical practice
Complaints and symptoms among hospital staff in relation to indoor air and the condition and need for repairs in hospital buildings
Decreasing irritation symptoms by replacing partially coated acoustic glass wool boards with fully coated boards


Work performance, productivity and indoor air


Exploring the relationship between indoor air and productivity
Healthy air, better work—now and forever