Scand J Work Environ Health 1981;7 suppl 4:54-59    pdf

Follow-up studies of workers with bladder neuropathy caused by exposure to dimethylaminopropionitrile.

by Baker EL, Christiani DC, Wegman DH, Siroky M, Niles CA, Feldman RG

Following a 1978 outbreak of bladder neuropathy among workers exposed to dimethyl-aminopropionitrile (DMAPN), follow-up studies were performed 2 a after the original epidemic to evaluate the persistence of symptoms among a small group of initially affected workers. Although the overall prevalence of urologic and neurological symptoms fell for the 11 persons interviewed, significantly high rates of persistent symptoms were seen. Of particular concern was the increase in the prevalence of symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Physical examination identified one individual with sensorimotor neuropathy which was initially detected 2 a earlier. Three individuals who had similar neuropathic findings in 1978 were normal 2 a later. Objective neurophysiological and urologic testing revealed evidence of persistent abnormalities in several workers, but most of the objective findings had improved over the 2-a period. The follow-up of residual effects of occupational exposure to neurotoxic substances is essential to the understanding of the course of occupational illnesses.