CONTENTS — volume 7, suppl 4, 1981

Published: 1981


Proceedings of the US-Finnish joint symposium on occupational safety and health and the third annual NIOSH scientific symposium.

Occupational safety and health in the 1980s: Policy options--Historic perspective.
Job demands and worker health in machine-paced poultry inspection.
A cross-sectional medical and industrial hygiene survey of workers exposed to carbon disulfide.
Neurophysiological findings among workers exposed to organic solvents.
Epidemiologic design for field studies: occupational neurotoxicity.
Neurobehavioral effects of methyl bromide inhalation exposures.
Behavioral changes after long-term exposure to organic solvents and their mixtures: determining factors and research results.
Follow-up studies of workers with bladder neuropathy caused by exposure to dimethylaminopropionitrile.
Monitoring genotoxicity in the occupational environment.
Testing of selected workplace chemicals for teratogenic potential.
Design considerations in pregnancy outcome studies of occupational populations.
Risk assessment and the setting of priorities in occupational health and safety.
Epidemiologic principles applied to injury prevention.
Work conditions and accidents in three industries.
The research-defining accident investigation methodology of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Safety in materials handling.
The determination of effective injury controls for metal-cutting lathe operators.


"Negative" results in cohort studies--how to recognize fallacies.

Developing a national occupational health surveillance system in the United States.
Overview of Finnish epidemiologic studies on occupational cancer.
Mortality study of workers employed at organochlorine pesticide manufacturing plants.
Lung cancer and other mortality patterns among foundrymen.
Mortality among workers in a die-casting and electroplating plant.