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SJWEH Supplements 2005;(no 1):31-34    pdf

From occupational medicine to occupational health—the “new French revolution”

by Paillereau G

The aim of the “new French revolution” is to adapt the French system of occupational medicine to European requirements and to the needs of employers and employees. The symbols of this reform are the abolition of THE annual medical examination and the generalization of “pluridisciplinarity” to make the system more effective. The “biennialization” of most medical examinations and the corresponding increase in the time released for improving the work environment must thus allow occupational health physicians to fulfill their advisory role and contribute actively to the assessment of occupational health hazards. The reform of the French occupational medicine system, the “new French revolution”, falls within the framework of a new, broader-based policy. Beyond occupational medicine and occupational health, it applies to public health and environmental health as well.