Author: Malmberg P

Original article 1985;11(4):287-293   pdf
Exposure to microorganisms, febrile and airway-obstructive symptoms, immune status and lung function of Swedish farmers.
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Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:68-71   pdf
Natural and adaptive immune reactions to inhaled microorganisms in the lungs of farmers.
Malmberg P, Rask-Andersen A
Original article 1989;15(5):353-359   pdf
Characterization of exposure to molds and actinomycetes in agricultural dusts by scanning electron microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and the culture method.
Karlsson K, Malmberg P
Original article 2002;28(4):256-263   pdf
Airway responses of healthy farmers and nonfarmers to exposure in a swine confinement building
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Consensus report 2001;27(6):422-425   pdf
Airway allergy and worklife
Malmberg P, reporter
Original article 2000;26(5):382-389   pdf
Impact of occupation on respiratory disease
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