Author: Gustavsson A

Original article 1982;8 suppl 1:72-78   pdf
A cohort study on mortality among long-time employed Swedish chimney sweeps.
Hogstedt C, Andersson K, Frenning B, Gustavsson A
Original article 1987;13(3):247-251   pdf
Mortality in two cohorts of welders exposed to high- and low-levels of hexavalent chromium.
Sjogren B, Gustavsson A, Hedstrom L
Original article 1995;21 suppl 1:1-44   pdf
Neuropsychiatric function of housepainters with previous long-term heavy exposure to organic solvents
Lundberg I, Michélsen H, Nise G, Hogstedt C, Högberg M, Alfredsson L, Almkvist O, Gustavsson A, Hagman M, Herlofson J, Hindmarsh T, Wennberg A