Author: Palomäki E

Article SJWEH Suppl 2008; (4):64-68   pdf
Decreasing irritation symptoms by replacing partially coated acoustic glass wool boards with fully coated boards
Palomäki E, Uitti J, Virtema P, Voutilainen R, Heinijoki L, Savolainen A
Article SJWEH Suppl 2008; (4):58-63   pdf
Complaints and symptoms among hospital staff in relation to indoor air and the condition and need for repairs in hospital buildings
Hellgren U-M, Palomäki E, Lahtinen M, Riuttala H, Reijula K
Article SJWEH Suppl 2008; (4):54-57   pdf
National development program for Finnish hospital facilities
Reijula K, Hellgren U-M, Holopainen R, Korhonen P, Lappalainen S, Palomäki E, Palonen J, Autio A, Kjisik H, Koski H, Virtanen K, Kaleva H, Rantama M, Vauramo E
Article SJWEH Suppl 2008; (4):35-38   pdf
Evaluating the success of damp building remediation
Palomäki E, Reijula K