Author: Roto P

Original article 1978;4(2):131-136   pdf
Urinary beta2 microglobulin related to chronic low level exposure to metallic cadmium dust in Finnish cadmium processing workers.
Roto P
Supplement 1980;6 suppl 1:1-49   pdf
Asthma, symptoms of chronic bronchitis and ventilatory capacity among cobalt and zinc production workers.
Roto P
Original article 1984;10(3):203-205   pdf
Prevalence of epicondylitis and tenosynovitis among meatcutters.
Roto P, Kivi P
Original article 1998;24(2):109-117   pdf
Radiographic abnormalities among Finnish construction, shipyard and asbestos industry workers
Koskinen K, Zitting A, Tossavainen A, Rinne J-P, Roto P, Kivekäs J, Reijula K, Huuskonen MS