Key term: neuropsychological test

Original article 2006;32(4):310-317   pdf
Objective neuropsychological test performance of professional divers reporting a subjective complaint of “forgetfulness or loss of concentration”
Taylor CL, Macdiarmid JI, Ross JAS, Osman LM, Watt SJ, Adie W, Crawford JR, Lawson A
Original article 2003;29(1):40-50   pdf
Annoyance and performance during the experimental chemical challenge of subjects with multiple chemical sensitivity
Österberg K, Ørbæk P, Karlson B, Åkesson B, Bergendorf U
Original article 2000;26(3):219-226   pdf
Psychological test performance during experimental challenge to toluene and n-butyl acetate in cases of solvent-induced toxic encephalopathy
Österberg K, Ørbæk P, Karlson B, Seger L, Åkesson B, Bergendorf U