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Letter to the editor 1978;4(1):98-102   pdf
Aspects on confounding in occupational health epidemiology.
Axelson O
Letter to the editor 1978;4(3):262-263   pdf
Dermatological and allergic hazards of cheesemakers.
Niinimäki A, Saari S
Letter to the editor 1979;5(2):162-163   pdf
Styrene oxide in the manufacture of reinforced polyester plastics.
Fjeldstad PE, Thorud S, Wannag A
Letter to the editor 1980;6(1):80-82   pdf
A note on observational bias in case-referent studies in occupational health epidemiology.
Axelson O
Letter to the editor 1980;6(3):227-228   pdf
Mining, lung cancer and smoking.
Feldstein ML, Band PR
Letter to the editor 1980;6(3):230-230   pdf
Sawmill work and extrinsic allergic alveolitis.
Belin L
Letter to the editor 1981;7(1):64-67   pdf
A Swedish cancer-environment register available for research.
Wiklund K, Einhorn J, Wennström G, Rapaport E
Letter to the editor 1981;7(4):310-311   pdf
Life-threatening pulmonary reaction to car paint containing a prepolymerized isocyanate.
Belin L, Hjortsberg U, Wass U
Letter to the editor 1981;7(4):311-312   pdf
Sources of variation in fluorometry of zinc protoporphyrin in blood.
Granjean P, Lintrup J
Letter to the editor 1982;8(1):80-81   pdf
Authors` response to WF Diller`s Letter to the Editor – Scand J Work Environ Health 1981;7:237–238
Andersen M, Binderup M-L, Kiel P, Larsen H, Maxild J
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