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Letter to the editor 2003;29(1):78-79   pdf
Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based occupational health
Franco G
Letter to the editor 2006;32(1):85-86   pdf
Scientific misconduct—is there a need for policing the profession
Vainio H
Letter to the editor 2005;31(3):236-236   pdf
Response to Swaen & Duijts on the epidemiologic evidence for the carcinogenicity of vinyl chloride monomer
Boffetta P, Mundt KA, Dell LD
Letter to the editor 2005;31(3):233-235   pdf
Epidemiologic evidence for the carcinogenicity of vinyl chloride monomer
Swaen GMH, Duijts SFA
Letter to the editor 2004;30(4):334-334   pdf
"You get what you ask for"-impact of the wording of questions on skin disease
Meding B, Lidén C, Burström B
Letter to the editor 2004;30(3):254-254   pdf
Genetics and epidemiology
Schulte PA
Letter to the editor 2004;30(3):253-254   pdf
Authors` reply to "Neuropathy in grout workers"
Kjuus H, Goffeng LO, Heier MS, Sjöholm H, Øvrebø S, Skaug V, Paulsson B, Törnqvist M, Brudal S
Letter to the editor 2004;30(3):253-253   pdf
Neuropathy in grout workers
Cornblath DR
Letter to the editor 2003;29(6):489-489   pdf
Authors` reply
Wergeland EL, Veiersted B, Ingre M, Olsson B, Åkerstedt T, Bjørnskau T, Varg N
Letter to the editor 2003;29(6):488-488   pdf
Health effects of reduced workhours?
Eriksen HR, Svensen E, Tveito TH, Ursin H
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