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Letter to the editor 1986;12(1):75-77   pdf
Re: "Occupational cancer: Where now where next?".
Saracci R, Hogstedt C, Norseth T, Wegman DH
Letter to the editor 1989;15(2):156-158   pdf
Re: "Office Employment, Work with Video Display Terminals, and Course of Pregnancy: Reference Mothers` Experience from a Finnish Case-Referent Study of Birth Defects" by T Nurminen, K Kurppa.
Marcus M
Letter to the editor 1989;15(3):238-238   pdf
Menstrual disorders among dry-cleaning workers.
Zielhuis GA, Gijsen R, van der Gulden JW
Letter to the editor 1989;15(6):439-440   pdf
Re: "Malignant pleural mesothelioma among Swiss furniture workers: a new high-risk group" by CE Minder, JP Vader. Scand J work Environ Health 1988;14:252-6.
Merler E, Ricci P
Letter to the editor 1989;15(6):440-442   pdf
Mesothelioma among Swiss furniture workers.
Schüler G, Rüttner JR
Letter to the editor 1990;16(2):144-146   pdf
Neurotoxicity of 1,1,1-trichloroethane questioned.
Verschuuren HG, Wilmer JW
Letter to the editor 1994;20(3):223-226   pdf
Re: "Role of the herbicide atrazine in the development of non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma" by S Hoar Zahm, DD Weisburger, KP Kantor, FF Holmes, A Blair. Scand J Work Environ Health 1993; 19:108-14.
Crosignani P, Berrino F
Letter to the Editor 2009;35(6):479-479   pdf
Author’s reply to Coggon commentary on epidemiological investigation of prognosis
Detaille SI, Heerkens YF, Engels JA, van der Gulden JWJ, van Dijk FJH
Letter to the editor 2007;33(5):397-399   pdf
Japanese journals also have their citation classics in occupational medicine
Smith DR
Letter to the editor 2003;29(1):79-80   pdf
Quality of evidence
Carter T
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