CONTENTS — volume 16, no 6, 1990

Published: 01 Dec 1990

Original article

Epidemiologic evidence on the relationship between formaldehyde exposure and cancer.
Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory cancer among woodworkers--an update.
Reporting of occupational cancer in Denmark.
Estimates of new compensated cases of occupational diseases in Finland in 1977-1983.
Combined effect of silica dust exposure and tobacco smoking on the prevalence of respiratory impairments among gold miners.
Cerebrospinal fluid proteins in men with chronic encephalopathy after exposure to organic solvents.
Relationship of airborne microorganisms with the lung function and leucocyte levels of workers with a history of humidifier fever.
Dust in buildings with man-made mineral fiber ceiling boards.
Association between exposure to a stenching agent in a herbicide packing plant and the occurrence of headache and lethargy.

Letter to the Editor

The Chernobyl accident and induced abortions: only one-way information.
Solvent exposure and myelodysplastic syndrome.
Re: "Triazine herbicides and ovarian epithelial neoplasms" by A Donna, P Crosignani, F Robutti, PG Betta, R Bocca, N Mariani, F Ferrario, R Fissi, F Berrino Scand J Work Environ Health 1989.