CONTENTS — volume 13, no 6, 1987

Published: Dec 1987

Original article

Waterborne paints. A review of their chemistry and toxicology and the results of determinations made during their use.
Discovering carcinogens in the occupational environment. Methods of data collection and analysis of a large case-referent monitoring system.
Associations between several sites of cancer and twelve petroleum-derived liquids. Results from a case-referent study in Montreal.
Effects of exposure to vehicle exhaust on health.
Effects of industrial organic solvents on human erythrocyte membrane adenosine triphosphatase activities in vitro.
Possible causes of increased lung cancer incidence among butchers and slaughterhouse workers.
Stomach cancer incidence in a cohort of fishermen in Singapore.
Exposure to fluorocarbons during the filling and repair of air-conditioning systems in cars--a case report.

Letter to the Editor

A remark on the article on tannery workers by Stern et al.