CONTENTS — volume 9, suppl 2, 1983

Published: 1983

Original article

Genotoxic health hazards in the rubber industry. Proceedings of a symposium (Espoo, Finland, 29-30 November 1982).
Chemicals used in the rubber industry. An overview.
Carcinogens in the workroom air in the rubber industry.
Mutagenicity of rubber additives and curing fumes. Results from five short-term bioassays.
Biological monitoring of occupational exposure to mutagenic chemicals in the rubber industry. Use of the bacterial urinary mutagenicity assay.
A chromosome study among worker groups in the rubber industry.
Rubber work and cancer--past, present and perspectives.
Retrospective cohort study of two plants in the Swedish rubber industry.
Cancer incidence in the rubber industry in Norway.
Toxicity of rubber chemicals in the chicken embryo. How to interpret results from animal tests.
Pregnancy outcome among women in a Swedish rubber plant.
Spontaneous abortions among rubber workers and congenital malformations in their offspring.
The Finnish-Swedish project on genotoxic hazards in the rubber industry. Conclusions and recommendations.