CONTENTS — volume 36, no 1, 2010

Published: 00 Jan 2010


The role of assessment of biomechanical exposure at the workplace in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders


Systematic evaluation of observational methods assessing biomechanical exposures at work

Original article

Effectiveness of an ergonomic intervention on the productivity of workers with upper-extremity disorders – a randomized controlled trial
Prognostic factors for long-term sickness absence among employees with neck–shoulder and low-back pain
Effort–reward imbalance and one-year change in neck–shoulder and upper extremity pain among call center computer operators
Work-related and psychological determinants of multisite musculoskeletal pain
Occupational class differences in leisure-time physical inactivity – contribution of past and current physical workload and other working conditions
Cancer incidence among short- and long-term workers in the Norwegian silicon carbide industry