CONTENTS — volume 24, no 3, 1998

Published: Jun 1998


Inconclusive cancer epidemiology


Occurrence, trends and environmental etiology of pancreatic cancer
Epidemiology of occupational and environmental risk factors related to ovarian cancer

Original article

Nocturnal excretion of a urinary melatonin metabolite among electric utility workers
Moderating role of job control on the response of ambulatory blood pressure to variation in daily work load
Psychosocial factors at work and subsequent depressive symptoms in the Gazel cohort
Work pace control and pregnancy health in a population-based sample of employed women in Norway
Morbidity among farm workers in a desert country in relation to long-term exposure to pesticides
Antibody responses of rats after immunization with organic acid anhydrides as a model of predictive testing
Determinants of airborne rat and mouse urinary allergen exposure

Letter to the editor

A possible connection between furnace dust exposure, plasma fibrinogen levels and cardiovascular disease