CONTENTS — volume 45, no 4, 2019

Published: 01 Jul 2019


How can we break the vicious circle between poor health and exit from paid employment?


Effectiveness of psychological and educational interventions for the prevention of depression in the workplace: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Fatigue and risk of sickness absence in the working population: A systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

Original article

The contribution of health to educational inequalities in exit from paid employment in five European regions
The Danish Psychosocial Work Environment Questionnaire (DPQ): Development, content, reliability and validity
Cancer survivors on the process of returning to work: a Danish focus group study
Does increasing physical activity reduce the excess risk of work disability among overweight individuals?
The effect of strengthening health literacy in nursing homes on employee pain and consequences of pain ‒ a stepped-wedge intervention trial
N,N-dimethylformamide: evidence of carcinogenicity from national representative cohort study in South Korea
Associations between shift type, sleep, mood, and diet in a group of shift working nurses
Relational justice, economic fluctuations, and long-term sickness absence: a multi-cohort study

Letter to the Editor

Determining an optimal minimum number of subjects in each occupation for a job exposure matrix (JEM) using self-reported data: a missing test
Binding occupational exposure limits for carcinogens in the EU – necessary but not sufficient to reduce risk