CONTENTS — volume 47, no 5, 2021

Published: 01 Jul 2021


Monitoring trends in psychosocial and physical working conditions: Challenges and suggestions for the 21st century

Original article

Occupational trajectories of working conditions in Sweden: Development trends in the workforce, 1997–2015
Infection and death by COVID-19 in a cohort of healthcare workers in Mexico
Efficacy of intermittent exposure to bright light for treating maladaptation to night work on a counterclockwise shift work rotation
Effectiveness of training in guideline-oriented biopsychosocial management of low-back pain in occupational health services – a cluster randomized controlled trial
Dysuria, heat stress, and muscle injury among Nicaraguan sugarcane workers at risk for Mesoamerican nephropathy
Heart rate during work and heart rate variability during the following night: a day-by-day investigation on the physical activity paradox among blue-collar workers
Patterns of working hour characteristics and risk of sickness absence among shift-working hospital employees: a data-mining cohort study

Short communication

Intensive longitudinal study of newly graduated nurses’ quick returns and self-rated stress

Letter to the Editor

Return-to-work, disabilities and occupational health in the age of COVID-19