CONTENTS — volume 47, no 8, 2021

Published: 01 Nov 2021


Decades of workplace health promotion research: marginal gains or a bright future ahead


Associations of working conditions and chronic low-grade inflammation among employees: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Original article

Exposure to workplace violence and threats and risk of depression: a prospective study
Job dissatisfaction as a predictor of poor health among middle-aged workers: a 14-wave mixed model analysis in Japan
Sickness absence and return to work among employees with knee osteoarthritis with and without total knee arthroplasty: a prospective register linkage study among Finnish public sector employees
Are resident handlings in eldercare wards associated with musculoskeletal pain and sickness absence among the workers? A prospective study based on onsite observations
Working from home: mismatch between access and need in relation to work–home interference and fatigue