CONTENTS — volume 27, no 2, 2001

Published: Apr 2001


Shift work and cardiovascular disease - from etiologic studies to prevention through scheduling

Original article

Intervention in shift scheduling and changes in biomarkers of heart disease in hospital wards
Work environment of Danish shift and day workers
High-resolution computed tomography classification of lung fibrosis for patients with asbestos-related disease
Cohort cancer incidence among pulp and paper mill workers in British Columbia
Chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of persons exposed to an earthquake in Armenia
Group-based measurement strategies in exposure assessment explored by bootstrapping
Total plasma protein adducts of allergenic hexahydrophthalic and methylhexahydrophthalic anhydrides as biomarkers of long-term exposure
Effects of electric field reduction in visual display units on skin symptoms
Association between job stress and depression among Japanese employees threatened by job loss in a comparison between two complementary job-stress models

Short communications

Association between pleural plaques and coronary heart disease