CONTENTS — volume 28, no 3, 2002

Published: Jun 2002


Can health promotion at the workplace help prevent cancer?


Health promotion trials at worksites and risk factors for cancer

Original article

Self-experienced physical workload and risk of breast cancer
Ten-year update on mortality among mild-steel welders
Physical workload of student nurses and serum markers of collagen metabolism
Individually fitted sports shoes for overuse injuries among newspaper carriers
Physical and psychosocial prerequisites of functioning in relation to work ability and general subjective well-being among office workers


A new occupational health agenda for a new work environment

Clinical question

Evidence-based medicine for occupational health

Case study

Inhalation of decomposed chlorodifluoromethane (freon-22) and myocardial infarction

Book review

Promición de la Salud: Como Construir Vida Saludable
Partanen T, reviewer