CONTENTS — volume 21, suppl 2, 1995

Published: 1995

Special issue

Second international symposium on silica, silicosis and cancer

Proceedings paper

Mineralogical characteristics of silica polymorphs in relation to their biological activities
Physicochemical properties of crystalline silica dusts and their possible implication in various biological responses
Particle activity and in vivo pulmonary response to freshly milled and aged alpha-quartz
Differential pulmonary responses in rats inhaling crystalline, colloidal or amorphous silica dusts
Direct interaction between crystalline silica and DNA -- a proposed model for silica carcinogenesis
Neoplastic lung lesions in rat after chronic exposure to crystalline silica
Transforming growth factor 1, ras and p53 in silica-induced fibrogenesis and carcinogenesis
Methods used by the United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to monitor crystalline silica
Historical total and respirable silica dust exposure levels in mines and pottery factories in China
Potential for respirable quartz exposure from North Carolina farm soils
Silica exposures in workplaces in the United States between 1980 and 1992
Mathematical model of phagocytosis and inflammation after the inhalation of quartz at different concentrations
Silicosis surveillance in Ontario from 1979 to 1992
Incidence of silicosis among ceramic workers in central Italy
Preliminary analysis of proportional mortality in a cohort of British pottery workers exposed to crystalline silica
Preliminary study of lung cancer mortality in Western Australian gold miners exposed to silica
Lung cancer among workers exposed to silica dust in Chinese refractory plants
Mortality among persons with silicosis reported to disease surveillance systems in Michigan and New Jersey in the United States
Mortality among silicotics in Genoa, Italy, from 1961 to 1987
Silicosis and lung cancer among workers in North Carolina dusty trades
Silica, silicosis and cancer in Finland
Assessment of silicosis risk for occupational exposure to crystalline silica
Potential years of life lost and work tenure lost when silicosis is compared with other pneumoconioses
Evaluation of crystalline silica as a threshold carcinogen
Cancer risk assessment for crystalline silica to implement California's Hot Spots Act
Comparative cancer potency for silica from extrapolations of human and animal findings
Biogenic amorphous silica

Original article

Biogenic amorphous silica.

Proceedings paper

Policy development for compensating workers exposed to crystalline silica in Ontario, Canada
Future research needs in the silica, silicosis and cancer field