CONTENTS — volume 31, suppl 2, 2005

Published: 2005

Supplement article

Occupational health in the construction industry
Occupational injuries among construction workers treated in a major metropolitan emergency department in the United States
Mortality and morbidity among bridge and tunnel construction workers who worked long hours and long days constructing the Great Belt Fixed Link
Asbestos hazard in the Swedish construction industry—recent trends in mesothelioma incidence
Development of a decision model to identify workers at risk of long-term disability in the construction industry
The conditions and perception of work during painting behind screening
Quantitative risk assessment in relation to occupational exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls in the removal of old sealants from buildings
Risk assessment of silicosis and lung cancer among construction workers exposed to respirable quartz
Dose–response associations between musculoskeletal disorders and physical and psychosocial factors among construction workers
Knee-straining work activities, self-reported knee disorders and radiographically determined knee osteoarthritis
Effectiveness of measures and implementation strategies in reducing physical work demands due to manual handling at work
Physical load exposure at construction sites
Conceptual framework for the implementation of interventions in the construction industry
Efficiency in reducing lost-time injuries of a nurse-based and a first-aid-based on-site medical facility
The Galaxen model—a concept for rehabilitation and prevention in the construction industry